Are you considering the use of Instagram bots to grow your account or simply want to learn more about the topic? Here’s a simple, no-nonsense breakdown of everything you need to know about Instagram bots and the most effective ones for 2022.

What are Instagram Bots?

Simply put, an Instagram bot automates the process…

Plant growing. Instagram icon hovering over it

The most simple, effective, reliable, and often overlooked growth tactic on Instagram is maximizing your daily interactions. It doesn’t require any special software, content format, or much skill to execute really, all it requires is that you understand how it works and that you do it every day.

What Are Instagram Interactions

Instagram interactions…

I’ve got a formula and a spreadsheet you can steal

The Instagram logo next to flowers in different stages of growth.

One of the questions I’ve most often been asked by small business owners over the years is “how often should I post on Instagram?” and my answer is always “each account’s optimal posting frequency is different”.

There is no one posting frequency at which all Instagram accounts grow the fastest…

How to save time and improve workflow

The most time-consuming and inefficient part of managing and growing an Instagram account is the time and energy it takes to stop everything you’re doing several times a day to take out your phone, open Instagram, take/upload a photo, write a caption and publish a post.

Although posting consistently is…

Breaking down the process of discovery to its most basic elements

Man wearing a spacesuit holds a red smoke signal flare while standing in a frozen tundra.

How fast your Instagram business grows depends on two things:

  1. How many people you reach, or how many people discover your account (your small business) on the platform.
  2. What percentage of them you retain. Once they discover your account, what percentage of them perceive enough value from your Instagram bio

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