Instagram users want to consume content that will entertain them and/or give them value, not to consume content about a product

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The key to successfully selling your products and services on Instagram is first and foremost, being able to create great content, not great products.

Why? Instagram is a company that exists to maximize profits by maximizing the attention they capture from their users. They do that through the Instagram algorithm that shows people the most engaging content on the platform first.

Instagram, and therefore, the algorithm doesn’t care how “good” your products are, it cares how engaging your content is because keeping people engaged on the platform is how they make money.

The mistake most small business owners make when…

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Regardless of how much you know about Instagram growth tactics, the likelihood of growing and monetizing your account sustainably and for a long period of time mostly depends on the level of saturation of your Instagram niche.

It’s a hard pill to swallow for most aspiring Instagram entrepreneurs, but accepting that reality and taking the necessary steps to pivot into a niche in which you have a higher likelihood of success is the difference between being endlessly frustrated by your lack of growth and finally feeling like Instagram success is achievable.

What are the most valuable Instagram niches?

How “valuable” a niche is depends on how much…

Automation is still effective, but finding a bot that won’t get blocked is no longer easy

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Historically, Instagram bots have been a relatively inexpensive, effective, and easy-to-use tool casual users could employ to rapidly increase the number of people that discovered their accounts. For most, it was the only way to grow on Instagram without having to rely on the unsustainably expensive and ineffective Promote Your Post feature. That is coming to an end in 2021.

This year, automation is still effective but finding a bot that can automate interactions for months, without being blocked or having to change your username, is no longer simple or easy.

YouTube video from @pinlord

How Instagram Combats Bots in 2021

In 2019, Instagram began implementing…

By understanding niches and their phases, understanding what you need to do to grow your account will become clear

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Long term monetizable growth on Instagram depends on your understanding of niches, their four phases, and your ability to pivot between them as your niche evolves over time.

If your account has recently stopped growing (like many accounts have), the most likely culprit isn’t the algorithm or what hashtags you use, or even whether you’re using Reels. The solution to your growth problems lies in identifying your niche’s phase and taking the corresponding course-of-action (you can read my article on how to find the most valuable Instagram niche for that).

By understanding niches and their phases, understanding what you need…

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Most of us think of the Instagram Algorithm as some sort of puppet-master pulling the strings behind the scenes; deciding who gets seen on the app and who doesn’t, based on its own secret tastes and agendas…but that’s not the truth.

In case you prefer to watch instead of read, you can find all of this article’s information in this video (and lots more on my YouTube channel so please subscribe).

What the Instagram Algorithm Does

The truth is that the Instagram algorithm does indeed decide who gets seen on the app and who doesn’t, but it doesn’t have tastes or an agenda — it…

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The most effective way to grow your Instagram account over a long period of time is to understand the principles of what it really is and how it works.

Instagram’s design and features will continue to change, but the core principles of what it is and how it works won’t. If you understand what Instagram is and how it works, you’ll understand what you need to do to grow on the platform and how to adapt whenever it inevitably changes. It’s truly the only way to create sustained growth over a long period of time.

In case you prefer to…

A tutorial for something surprisingly hard to do

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Instagram claims that it’s their responsibility to foster a safe and supportive community for everyone, but their actions do not reflect that.

Without a simple and easily reachable customer service channel where users can effectively challenge wrongful content takedowns and shadowbanning, the Instagram community isn’t truly safe and supported by Instagram itself.

Sadly, Instagram does not provide an accessible customer service channel, but there is a way to contact Facebook’s customer service team who will help resolve your Instagram problems (if you have an Instagram business account and Facebook Ads Manager account). Here’s how you do it.

Set Up a Business Account

Turn your Instagram…

I recently went through an experience that helped me see how Instagram’s internal community-safety policies uphold the censoring of black bodies and the suppression of POC-run accounts on the platform.

It all started a few weeks ago when I reposted this photo from the amazing @yayasituation on one of my accounts, @potteryforall:

If you don’t, it’ll forever work against you

If you already have an Instagram account that creates consistent, highly-differentiated, and engaging content, or even if you’re just starting out, having an intuitive and easily searchable Instagram username can be the difference between growing your account quickly or rarely being discovered at all.

I know it sounds extreme but it’s true. In a highly-competitive and saturated Instagram environment, like the one we live in now, every single detail of your account counts. Unfortunately, optimizing our Instagram username is an aspect many of us completely ignore.

Why Your Instagram Username Matters

Your username is the Instagram equivalent of your brand name (it’s also actual your…

And everything else you need to know about them

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In any social media platform in which there is the potential to earn an income by growing an audience, there will be automation tools, more commonly known as “bots,” developed to help users “growth hack” accounts.

Like it happened on Instagram with the rise of Instagram bots in its early days, bots are now making an appearance on TikTok and it’s likely the best (and possibly only?) time you’ll be able to use them in order to effectively and safely growth your account.

Why Is This the Best Time to Use TikTok Bots?

Unlike Instagram, which is now heavily monitoring and regulating accounts with an Instagram bot, TikTok is yet…

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